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Speed-Rail® Pipe Fittings for Solar Mounting Systems

Hollaender® manufactures structural pipe fittings that are used with pipe to make pipe rack systems for both ground and roof mount PV arrays.

Hollaender's Speed-Rail® fittings are ideal for this application because the aluminum-magnesium 535 alloy used to manufacture them is:

  • The most corrosion resistant aluminum alloy available.
  • Supported by our 10 year corrosion warranty.
  • Can be used with steel without any concern for galvanic corrosion.

In addition, Hollaender Speed-Rail® fittings are now approved as UL2703 Recognized Components under ETL Mark 5006568.

Set screws that penetrate the surface of the pipe ensure that fittings are electrically bonded to pipe and bracing, thereby eliminating the need for added bonding components such as jumpers, etc.

Hollaender has also tested all fittings for pullouts using a 2:1 safety factor. Test data is available upon request.