With more than 75 years of American-made experience and superior manufacturing technology has resulted in the most reliable, durable, and high-quality products hand railing systems.


Our pipe fittings and handrail systems today can be found all over the world. From rocket launch pads to oil rigs, from Hollywood movie studios and modern amusement parks to the fixtures in your favorite retail stores, and from water treatment plants to powergen facilities around the globe.


Why? The reasons are simple:

  • We manufacture handrail systems to meet any application.
  • Our slip-on fittings are cost effective, easy to install, and reusable.
  • We are vertically integrated: all our design, casting, and manufacturing is under one roof.
  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy is strong, corrosion resistant, and usable with any metal pipe.
  • We pursue innovative ideas in-house.


Quality at the Source

The Hollaender Manufacturing Company has brought together all the necessary resources under one roof to provide our customers with complete solutions for their handrail and structural pipe fitting needs. We maintain continuous control of the entire process from raw materials to a finished fitting, from drawing to fabricated system, from concept to completion - on through site support during installation and continuing over the life of the product. Our facilities are located in the heart of the mid-west, Cincinnati, Ohio.