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Many integrators and installers in the solar market are using standard galvanized pipe and Hollaender Speed-Rail® structural slip on fittings for their ground and roof mount racking systems.


We often get calls from our customers asking about different fittings, what to use, what do we offer, etc...


Firstly, Speed-Rail® fittings are structural – their principal application, outside of solar mounting systems, is in guardrail and railing systems. Because of the safety issues involved with railing (think the railing on a 20 story high condo balcony), these fittings have been structurally tested with several types of pipe to ensure they pass the rigorous standards demanded by International Building Codes.


Secondly, Speed-Rail® fittings are 100% made in the U.S., in our state of the art foundry, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of the key features of these fittings is that they are constructed from 535 aluminum–magnesium alloy. This alloy is as strong as mallaeble iron, it is the most corrosion resistant aluminum alloy available (which is why we warranty the fitting body for 10 years against corrosion) and it will work with galvanized steel with no fears of galvanic (dissimilar metal) corrosion. This is not true of most aluminum alloys, which will undergo galvanic corrosion when matched with galvanized steel.


Speed-Rail Fittings for PV Racking Systems