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Corrosion Resistance


Question: Will Hollaender Speed-RailĀ® fittings suffer any galvanic reaction when in contact with galvanized steel?



Hollaender’s Speed-RailĀ® fittings are manufactured from 535 aluminum–magnesium alloy, this alloy will NOT suffer any galvanic or dissimilar metals corrosion when in contact with steel or galvanized steel.

Galvanic reactions are caused by the dissimilarity in potential between two metals that causes electron flow between them. The farther apart in potential or nobility, the greater the reaction.

Galvanized steel is immediately between magnesium on one hand, and aluminum on the other hand, on the galvanic scale in terms of potential. ALMAG fittings will not have a galvanic reaction with galvanized steel.

Hollaender supports this with a 10 year non–corrosion warranty for the solar industry that covers all kinds of corrosion, including galvanic.